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Vortech Racer Terry “Beefcake” Reeves Wins NMRA Super Bowl

Terry “Beefcake” Reeves brought his A-game to the Super Bowl of Street Legal Drag Racing, and with a Vortech blower on board took home his third Super Bowl Ring in a row.

Carb’d Coyote Engine Project Goes Fuel Injected With AEM Infinity

We’re blazing a path down new roads with our naturally-aspirated Coyote engine, and that means we get to test it at CPR Engine’s dyno with AEM’s Infinity engine management system as we look to break 600 hp NA.

LateModelRestoration.com Drives The Aluminator XS

LateModelRestoratio.com installed a 500-plus horsepower Aluminator XS crate engine in their 2011 Mustang and the took it for a spin. The sound of an 8,000 RPM Coyote running down the road is a must hear.

SVT Tests New Mustang At Nurburgring

SVT was caught testing a new Mustang at the Nurburgring in Germany

2000 Cobra R On The Dyno

LateModelRestoration brings a 2000 Cobra R in to hit the dyno, check out the sweet music this rare Mustang makes, and see what kind of numbers this SVT Halo Car from nearly 15 years go puts down.

Life In the Fast Lane At 16

Kennady Jones picked up drag racing form her grandfather, and now she’s one of the shining stars of NMRA’s Truck and Lightning class.

Video: Weld Racing RT-S Wheels Have Thousands Of Applications

Weld Racing solves wheel fitment problems with their RT-S line of wheels with literally thousands of made-to-order applications. We take a closer look, and show why big brakes don’t pose a problem for the RT-S.

Hyrdaulic Roller Lifters 101 With Comp Cams

Comp Cams takes you through the basics of hydraulic roller lifters in this informative video, including install tips, and how to get the best life out of your hydraulic roller lifters.

Video: Edelbrock’s 9th Annual Car Show Coverage From Vic’s Garage

We visited Vic’s Garage in Torrance, California to cover the 9th Annual Edelbrock Car Show this month. With hundreds of awesome cars, judging and choosing winners was no easy task. Check out the gallery inside!

GT350 Cruiising Long Bach?

Is Ford testing GT350 or other specialty 2015 or 2016 Mustang prototypes in Long Beach and the SoCal area? A friend of ours just happened to catch two on with his phone’s camera while he was out for lunch.

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